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★Elegant modelling 
Strong contour lines, lively and bright modern shape. Perfect school bus signal and sign system, 360° driving view, multiple safety protection, flexible and convenient to use, to add a flexible scene for the city .
★Safety & Electrophoresis 
Simulation analysis and calculation of the whole vehicle show that the chassis assembly is of reasonable matching and reliable performance. The whole vehicle skeleton is designed with closed ring structure, formed by cold bending of three-dimensional pipe, and formed by mold stamping. It is safe and reliable and processed by electrophoresis device to ensure that the whole vehicle skeleton will anti-rust for 10 years.
★Space optimization 
Flat floor structure, greatly optimize the vehicle space, humanized design, matching softening treatment special seats and armrests for students, care for the safety of students, the modular design in driving area, with the operation at your fingertips, improve the comfort and control of the driver.
Model HM6530XFD5XN
Chassis model EQ6468KX5AC
Model 4A2-68C50
Max.Output(kw/(r/min)) 50/3200
Max.Torque(N.m/(r/min)) 170/2000
Fuel type Diesel
Emission standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 EuroⅤ
Basic Specification  
Dimension(mm) 5305×1780,1820×2500
Tread Front / Rear(mm) 1390/1340 
Wheelbase(mm) 2900
Overhand Front / Rear(mm) 910/1495
Curb Weight(kg)  2500,2550  
Gross Weight(kg)  3600 
Seats(With the driver)(person) 10-19
Max.Speed(km/h) 80
Tire 165R14LT
Leaf spring Front / Rear 6/6
Approaching/departure Angle(o) 20/16

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